Anybody know what's wrong with my lawnmower?

I bought this from a neighbor today and it wouldn't start. I filled it with gas and tried to start it but then white smoke shot out the side and oil leaked out (picture below). any ideas on what's wrong with it?anybody know what's wrong with my lawnmower??


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  • Take the air filter housing off and see how dirty and clogged the air filter element is. That might not be all the problem, but it wouldn't hurt to change the element anyway.

  • No clue but you should have it examined interally,
    Can tell much about an internal combustion engine from just its port

  • can you post a pic of the plug tip? They're pretty cheap, like 2-4$ at your local auto parts store.

    It that a YardMachines brand?

    • yeah it's a yard machine briggs and Stratton 500 series. also where's the plug tip?

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    • I looked and its very clean. right now I'm gonna drain the oil and replace it

    • really? Well that's really good. hmm, now im curious. find out why/where that oil is leaking from.

      If i could make a wild guess. I bet the heavy oil leak is dropping on to the hot exhaust port/muffler dealy'. That's causing the smoke maybe? Post back if you get it running, im already emotionally invested lol.