Do you believe in the Mandela theory?

I've started looking into a lot of conspiracy theories and it makes me view the world so differently. Do you believe in the Mandela theory? What other conspiracies do you believe in?


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  • I actually think Hillary murdered harambe and bush did 9/11


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  • No. The Mandela Effect is junk. However, there is a reason for why people experiencing a common event remember it differently: nonlinear dynamics.

    In a nonlinear system, the ultimate path the system takes is very much dependent on initial conditions and even a small change in initial conditions can drastically alter the behavior and destiny of the system. This is related to Chaos Theory. Look at this scene from Jurassic Park where "chaotician" Dr. Ian Malcolm explains it to Dr. Ellie Sattler.

    Now, each of us is actually a nonlinear system and that includes our physical brains. Notice that each of us is distinct with distinct personalities. That individual unique distinctiveness is based on how your brain is wired which has changed over time based on experiences you have had. In essence, at any point in time, the state of the nonlinear system known as your brain at that instant is the initial conditions for its future behaving. Right? What you know is based on what you learned and experienced and what you think about things is also based on that.

    Now, for a common experience, people will remember things differently partly because of their brain's different initial conditions but also in the different ways that they sensed the event. For instance, look at instant replay in sports; you might think one thing, but, when instant replay slows things down or shows a different angle then you might change your conclusion as to what has happened.

    Finally, over time, your brain is constantly bombarded by new experiences and part of maintaining your sanity is that, while you sleep, your brain performs librarian work and eliminates parts of memories that it deems as irrelevant. So, over time, that same commonly experienced event will be remembered differently by different people because their brains have been gradually eroding the memories associated with the event.

    Taking all of this together, we see that what occurs is called "confabulation" by a person and we get inconsistent memories of a commonly experienced event.

    In other words, The Mandela Effect about alternate parallel universes and weird physics like that is horseshit.

    Apparently, paranormal investigator Fiona Broom who came up with this idea of The Mandela Effect 1) didn't study physics or biology and 2) has never seen instant replay in sports.


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