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In my gym class I was picked last by students, cuz students got to pick. Now, I don't play sports, but I'm quite good at them. So girls picked boys and boys picked girls. I do think a couple boys in my class like me. One if them stares at me everyday, and the other smirks at me. And one other looks at me time-to-time. Was I picked last because nobody likes me? Am I bad at sports? As I mentioned above, I'm not the worst one. We have one who can't even throw a ball right. When I was the last one, the gym teacher said 'we saved the best for last.' She likes me, but I'm not sure what to think of it. I got to pick the team I wanted so I don't know. Am I looking in this too much? Why was I picked last?


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  • I was picked last, doesn't feel good. I wouldn't think about it too much, someone has to be last. maybe you are smaller, you weren't smiling, or you are prettiest and they are too shy.

    • Were you good at sports though? I'm going to do the last option. That is honestly what I believe lmao.

    • at some, I was strong... it was dodgeball and I almost won. I had glasses and was goofy looking... lol... so no wonder they didn't pick me:) Yep, probably cause when they looked at you, they couldn't think straight... all the mating chemicals in their brain going off!!!

    • I was never picked last. This was my first time though. Lmao yeah!

  • guys are very shy for who they pick, because a girl will find out the guy could have a crush on her and more than likely she won't like him and that would be embarrassing. when a girl picks it puts a guy at ease to know he's accepted. and so many guys wait to be the one chosen.

    • That's what I was thinking haha. If I was choosing, I would prob. pick the best dude who's good at the sport. I don't really care if he were to pick me at all, but I knew I wasn't gonna be picked by the dudes that like me :P.

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