Does a guy sometimes feel like he has to be a jerk to drive away a girl?

I've wondered that often.


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  • If he's not interested anymore guys who feel too rejecting or breaking up with a girl who clearly really likes/ loves him could just start acting like a dick instead so she loses interest on her own. Some guys start acting insecure and loserish so she'll leave on her own amd he doesn't have to hurt her feelings like that.

    Other guys won't do that, theyll phase you out or tell you directly.

    There are also douchebags who will just act like jerks anyway. Or he had psychological issues.

  • ok. No matter what it is, at least 1 of the
    3 Billion+ men on earth has thought of it. Same with women

  • He has to be a jerk to get a girl in the first place. At least at first he does.

    • Are you sure?

      I feel as though... he is a jerk to get the girl to go away. As in if he doesn't like her and wants her to leave, he'll purposely act indifferent/annoyed etc. hoping she'll leave

    • What a guy really needs to do is be a jerk at first, then after he gets the girl, be nice. Then she will feel special, like she is the only one he is nice to. Also it makes her feel like he changed just for her.
      In reality though, jerks stay jerks. It is only the ones putting on an act just to get the girl that are actually nice after.

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