Do y'all think Polittically correctness is ruining comedy and social media?

For example

what is the difference between a mmexican and a fish?

fish don't hide in salt waters.

(the reason why I put 2 Ms because it would be considered offensive.


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  • Explain that joke cause' im not getting it. Mexicans hide in salt waters? Kinda confusing.

    No way, Stand up Comedy and social media are the opposite of PC. You can pretty say the most offensive shit to anyone with out any real consequence.
    If anything social media promotes mob mentality. You make a bad 9/11 themed mattress commercial and you're getting death threats. Like that store a while a back.


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  • What the shit are you talking about?

    • It's some social justice bullshit, and how some comedy shows are PC, and don't make any derrogatory jokes.

    • No. People are fine. In fact, social media makes people even less pc

  • This question triggers me!!! 😠

  • yes, it is.

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