If you had to choose one amendment to repeal, which one would it be?

If you absolutely had to get rid of one, which one would it be? This is in terms of the US Constitution


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  • The First one. Then elect myself supreme monarch for life.


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  • The 18th.
    I think it is the 18th...
    The one that makes senate seats directly voted on by the public.

    The congress is supposed to represent the people. The senate is supposed to represent the interests of the state. Why have two bodies that both are elected reps of the people?
    We have states for a reason, and states have rights, including rights to over rule or disregard the federal government, for a reason. The state legislature (which people vote on) is supposed to nominate, and vote on, and elect, senators to represent the state on a federal level. Making it so there is a 2 year per term group that represents the people with one set of responsibilities, and a 6 year per term group that represents the people with a different set of responsibilities, is silly. Why not just have ONE elected legislative body in that case?
    Undo 18, and return our system to how it is supposed to be working.

    • 17th you mean. 18th bans alcohol but was negated by the 21st

    • Well, I don't like the idea of making a new amendment to void an old one. I much prefer just nullifying the old one. So 18 still works lol. Prohibition was a bad move.

      But yeah, I see you're right. I did mean the 17th.

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  • The Constitution is a pathetic joke; a memory of something noble and just. It died long ago with the illegal implementation of s Federal Income Tax and Central Banking System, and we the sheeple are too deluded to know it doesn't exist! Pathetic

  • 15th