Do you ever envy sociopaths and psychopaths?

I dunno if this is normal, but because I have a high level of self control, I find myself envying people who don't feel bad when they so something bad. I don't know why, but I seem to like the idea of not having a moral compass. Is this strange.


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  • Yeah, I would love that sense of guilt free freedom and utter confidence and charisma but I wouldn't want to be a full blown psychopath or sociopath.

    They have their problems too though, they feel totally isolated from everyone cause they can't relate to anyone's feelings and they feel very empty and bored.


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  • Lmfao. Future serial killer in the making.

    • Haha, I mean, I show no signs of a possible sociopath or psychopath so I doubt I'm one

    • Also, I'm the nicest dude ever in real life

  • I don't envy them at all
    I like my big heart
    But I understand the feels mam