I'm taller than my parents?

Is this normal?

My dad broke up with my mom in 2012.
My dad's about 5"9 - 5"10
When they broke up I was about 5"0 so I was way shorter than him and my mom

I never see him but I always get calls from him
I recently saw him at a funeral because my uncle died
He hugged me even though I was mad at him for everything he did I hugged back because I knew he was hurting
My uncle was only 32

When I hugged him (my dad)
I closed my eyes and thought back to me hugging him as a kid
I would lay my head on his stomach/chest
Then I opened my eyes and his head was against my chest and it felt weird.

I'm 6"0 - 6"1

Is this normal?
My mom's 5"2
And my uncle who passed was about 6"3
I was thinking maybe somehow I got my height from him
But is this normal to be taller than my parents?

Ages just incase they're needed
Me 16 turning 17 in February
Mom 44 turning 45 in December
Dad 39 turning 40 (idk his birthday)

Also I have an abnormal shoe size I wear a
15 1/2
My dad wears a 10
My uncle wore an 11 I think
I know my feet were bigger than my uncles I saw him like a month before he passed and he was laughing at my feet and making jokes about them
And my mom wears a 6
I'm taller than my parents?
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