Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of moving out on my own, but I still very much want to. Any tips?

I'm starting to come to the realisation that living with my mum is very demoralising and contributes to my bad days. She gets stressed out because she is a single parent raising two other young kids who are a bit of a handful, to say the least. This, in turn, makes her quite a handful sometimes. Some of her behaviours really tick me off but I keep it to myself. Thing is, I can't function that well without her assistance. I have social anxiety so basically just being an adult is a scary idea on it's own.

I really want to move out though. I hate having responsibility over kids when I have done nothing to deserve taking on that responsibility. I hate the screeching, screaming and shouting that occurs every day. All I want to do is lock myself away in my room so that I don't have to listen to all that noise and ignorance all of the time.

Well, this is pretty much just me venting but there are still a few questions I need to know the answer to. Where can I learn how to pay taxes and whatnot? Have any of you been in the same/a similar situation? Any tips?

And I am going anon because I would rather that other GAG users don't know anything about my personal life.


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  • Well, you know, helping out your mom with the kids, will take pressure off of her so she will take pressure off of you.
    I was like that when I was your age, not wanting to deal with little kids, and I learned that I was a cunt at that time for not helping out.

    Aw, well!!

    If you live in America, you will work. Most jobs are W4, which means they take taxes from your paycheck so you don't have to worry about taxes.

    Being young and young people usually don't have money, you will have to get some roommates.
    I suggest it because living by yourself can be lonely.
    I advise against living with friends, as having to share space, rent and utilities can strain a friendship.

    • I do help out but I'm basically a second parent. I also carry some of the burdens that come along with that. Like heightened stress.

      Yeah, I do plan on sharing an apartment with maybe one or two other people.

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  • When I first lived on my own I went on Craigslist and I lived with three college girls and I became friends with the downstairs neighbor. Rent was super cheap.

  • It happened to mr when I lived with my mum. Since my dad doesn't live with us we have to carry some of his responsibilities and finally I get tired of being told what to do. If you have a stable job and enough saving I don't see any problem for you to move out. It would be hard for a year maybe, drpends on how you adapt yourself but I'm sure it is worth your future 😊


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