Does texting back quickly come off as desperate?

So I've been talking to this guy for a little while and we text a lot, like every day. Sometimes he texts back quickly and sometimes there's hour long gaps in the middle of our conversations. Honestly I don't really care cause he was probably busy or something. No big deal. The thing is my phone is usually always in my hand or back pocket, and I know how annoying slow texters can be so I usually respond pretty quickly to texts. So he'll wait hours to respond to me and then I respond like instantly. Does that come off as desperate? It's not like I'm sitting around waiting for him to reply or anything, it's just I'm usually reading articles on my phone and if I see a text notification I just respond and then go back to reading.


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  • If you're worried about this, I'd say put your phone in a different room, and respond when you remember. It's not desperate, it shows your responsive yet are attached to phone. I'm like that when I have a crush, I glance at my phone to see if he replies, and like you note time gaps. Honestly if you're concerned, I'd say 15-30min time response is safe, unless you both have a fun engaging convo that you both are responding quickly:-)