Do anyony have old w2s or check stubs from 10 years ago?

I was hired by the a company that works for the federal government and they are asking for check stubs from 06-09. I don't have those. They are burned up. Most likely I won't be passing this Background check because of this and I'm totally bummed.


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  • No.
    Give them what you have & tell them the others have been shredded.

    • I did, I found one from 2006 and I can't find the rest. I told them I couldn't find the rest, but they are still asking for them. I don't know what to do.

    • What can you say? Tell them I honestly looked for them & this is all I can find.
      Ask them what else can you do?
      I don't think the IRS will give out back copies.

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  • Nope, I wasn't working 10 years ago. I think you just need to list what you were doing at that time instead. If they ask any questions, you can tell them you didn't save those... or you can tell them that when submitting the application.

    • Nope they want me to email or fax them copies of them.

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    • I don't know most people who would save those kinds of things after 10 years to be honest. Do you have an accountant who may still have documentation of that?

    • Nope I don't

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  • I would just try asking your employer from back then.

  • Those were shredded a long time ago. And at some point I stopped receiving paper copies anyway?

    • I use to burn mine since I live in the country.

    • It seems a very odd thing to ask for. That's like further back than the IRS would go.

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