What's wrong with kids nowadays?

So today i just went to a flower store to buy some flowers for my female teacher, i asked the seller: "Are those flowers natural?"
a 8-9 years old girl who was standing next to me said: "dude, what else? you thought they're caesarean?"

WTF? when i was that age i didn't know what is natural birth giving and caesarean, i figured those stuff out when i was 13 or 14, i even didn't know how women get pregnant, i used to believe women get pregnant from their butt hole (yea, sorry i was an idiot).

have you ever experienced something like that?


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  • I knew what that was when I was around that age, I was born by C-section and I quickly figured out women didn't get pregnant from their buttholes because TLC was always on in my house, so needless to say I figured it out.


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  • lol ya I wonder all the time whats wrong with some kids. with the advent of youtube and google kids no longer have to go to their parents to get answers to their questions. this is making kids smarter than we were at their age. it is kind of scary


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  • So you didn't know how women got pregnant until 2 or 3 years ago?
    You have to be kidding me lmfaooooo 😂😂😂

    • Yea i know, i didn't know those stuff cuz i was busy with other things :|

  • Everything, some of them get away with murder (metaphorically speaking) of course. Parents aren't allowed to use the necessary amount of discipline thats required to keep them in line. Then if its not a bunch of NED's, you get children that's way to advanced for their age. I've heard that here in the UK, that they want to teach 5 year old children about sex education. I hope that idea doesn't pass. They should let children be children. Mentally they are a lot older than they are.


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