I feel that I should apologise for all the rude and crazy ways I have acted but I'm not sure how to go about it?

what I did was wrong and it backfired, I hope not to upset anyone. I might have enhanced my affection from the true level for a guy because he was kind to me when I was down believing that it might deter another persons involvement in my life. I don't believe I found the person attractive, and feel bad about using them in this way.

I acted crazy in an attempt that some people might leave my life because I am not a stable person to be around, I tried being everything I am not, I tried downplaying my life to be unappealing, I tried putting on weight, not making an effort, ignoring them, being rude, spiteful yet they don't leave me alone. they don't like me so why do they hang on? all I want to say is I'm sorry


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  • Just send him a card saying sorry