Would you get rid of this person during his early years?

You're transported somewhere between 1947 to the early 50's. Would you get rid of this person?

As a toddler (he must be around 3 years old):
Would you get rid of this person during his early years?As a young child (probably 5-6 years old:
If you don't know who he was, I'll tell you the answer later. It's a very easy name.

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Unfortunately he become a horrible person as an adult.


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  • I never get rid of a child but if they got bad late in life i would get them help.


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  • No One ever Knows how it Goes with having Some Joe... From Idaho, as you Know.
    We cannot Foresee into the Future who is Good or Bad, and only God Knows... Just how it is Going to go Down with a Smile or a Frown.
    Sure, I would Keep Babes in Toy Land Around.
    Good luck and Great question, @Waffles731 xx

    • This wasn't me, this was a pink anon

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    • Yikes. Well, we cannot always blame our parents for the Woes and ways of our Evil Ways.. Tis Satan. xx

    • Thnks for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • That's John Wayne Gacy right

    • Nope, that's Ted Bundy.

  • why would anyone kill a child? O. o

    • You'll be surprise but there are certain people, even one of my friends told me she would get rid of a past serial killer if she were to go back in time. That toddler in the picture grew to become one of the worst serial killers during the early 70's.

    • @Mynameisbobby
      That's the infamous killer Ted Bundy... exactly every woman's worst nightmare.

  • That's some serial killer. Even so, I wouldn't kill him.


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