Does anybody know anything about natural hair? Can you help me PLEASE?

So my grandmom never learned how to do her hair, and so she never taught my mom how to do her hair, so my mom never taught me how to do my hair. The only way I really know how to manage my hair is flat ironing it. I don't use any chemical relaxers or anything, It's just that I've worn my hair straightened for a really long time. All the heat has taken a toll on my hair so I've banned myself from my flat iron. I haven't used my flat irons since mid July, which isn't that long ago. For the most of late July I just wore my hair as it was with a scarf on top. Then in the beginning of August I got some box braids. Now it's September and I'm taking my braids out this weekend. The thing is I don't have a single clue how to deal with my hair once I take these braids out. I have sorta 3C or 3B type hair.


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  • Is your hear damaged? Frizzy? Dry? Split ends? Is the idea just to put back its nuritents and make it smooth/silky again?

    I usually use a 3 minute miracle treatment by Pantene. Whenever my hair looks dead and basic shampoo and conditioner doesn't do, I use this.

    When using heat in my hair (blow dryer) I use a hair protectant spray. So it can protect my hair from any harsh heat that it's not use too. Use it before flat ironing. Just spray it on your hair generously

    Lastly use hair oil. I use this one. It smells nice and keeps my hair looking healthy and shiny. This just helps it maintain sleekness and prevents your hair from getting frizzy when your out and about. Helps it contain hair moisture and doesn't look or appear dry.

    NOTE- trim your hair every 3 months or so. Helps with the split ends.