Want to rant? Let's?

Open minded, free words, rant with me? A stranger? Just be honest and rant on whatever. I'de love to just rant for once with somebody :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • I hate the fact that 50% of the people are just assholes or stupid. Or worse when they are both because then you argue with them it's just pointless and will get you frustrated haha. Oh and our presidential elections right now are just pathetic haha.

  • I hate traffic. Especially morons who don't use their blinkers. It's not rocket science. You should signal your intention to turn before your foot touches the brake, not after. One day I'll die of a heart-attack in traffic.


What Girls Said 1

  • I can't stand the financial crisis we're in. Living paycheck to paycheck. My mother was very hungry today. It's typically hard for her to get lunch during her break, especially when she's so damn picky about everything. But she's a hardworking woman, and I can't wait until she retires.

    Rich people... Have no idea how great they have it. Assholes...


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