Apart from being very good looking, is there any other game to get attractive girls from bar/club for ONS?


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  • Do you have a fat wallet and how nice is your car. Shallow broads dig that. But if she's just in it for ONS... then she's probably not clean and doesn't about anything but a cheap thrill.


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  • Confidence (cliche but this)
    Good well groomed looks
    Social status
    And wealth

    These are your get any girl secret weapons.

    Minor helpful tips
    Have a good text game
    Have a unique phone
    Don't fear rejection

    Act like you're offering her the chance to excite and better her life. If she turns you down politely thank her for her time in a manner that makes it look like she missed out on bettering her life by inviting you in it.

    It's all a game. Either get a girl from good looks or play the game. And occasionally even the good looking guy has to play the game or get played mate.

    I hate these tactics trust me. Truly can't stand em, but I know how to use them. Learned from extreme heartbreak, but I learned.


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  • Nope nothing, looks like you are out of luck.


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  • There are two things that you have to do to nail pretty much any bitch on the planet:

    1) be hot.
    2) don't be not hot.

  • If you have money, I would do this. Hire 2 hot escorts, wear a well fit business suit, and roll up to a club in a rented Ferrari. Bonus points if you can speak another foreign language with broken English.

    If you don't have the funds, dress like you a profession, have the charisma to make the who bar love you, and most important.. let the attractive girls approach you by ignoring them. Girls are attention whores and hate not being the center of attraction.

  • I'm not that good looking... but my attitude and style always attract women. I mostly dress like a clean cut thug, less the hanging pants... instead I rather advertise my package as few guys do (or can) do that.