Trump voters Tell me the difference between these two?

Trump voters Tell me the difference between these two?
(A political Cartoon from the 19th Century called; The Irish way of Doing things.)
And this

Cause I don't see it.
Like 39.9 Million other Americans I have Irish Heritage. (I have to hide the fact that there were Orange Irish come Saint Patrick's day here in Massachusetts ;p )
This is the same kind of shit our ancestors had to put up with people.


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  • There is no difference. He's a racist fuck who literally only cares about himself


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  • I know it doesn't matter, most people have their minds made up... his gripe is with people being in America illegally. Even people that are naturalized US citizens originally from Mexico are pissed that illegals are getting many of the benefits of living in America without the work and dedication they gave to become a citizen. These naturalized citizens loved America enough to do what it took to be able to call themselves Americans.

    • Here is the thing,
      A LOT of the people who came through Ellis island bought fake papers and actually outright lied to get through.
      Hell my great great grandfather was a Sicilian Gangster who was running from a rival gang because he killed the wrong guy by which I mean, A guy whose death angered someone not as a different guy than he was assigned to kill.

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    • Okay, thank you for that explaination, I know I can be a jerk about this kind of thing sometimes and I should really try to act better when I discuss politics, (I can get heated in real life too, not internet heated but enough that I don't like how I acted after.) I'm actually trying to work on that

    • Its taken me years to approach things with tact and decency. Trust me, at 21 I was not this way and even at 31 my best friend thought I was going to smash his roommate's head through a wall over a heated discussion about gay rights. I'm a Republican and a conservative, but I was raised to have compassion and to try to understand how it feels to be in someone else's shoes. I'm by no means tactful all the time, I can be a total asshole more often than not, truth be told. But when it comes to serious topics I don't mind hearing what others have to say because I know that I'm biased and others may have a way of thinking that helps me be a little less biased. Thank you for being polite and hearing me out, I realize Donald Trump isn't an ideal candidate, but a lot of his more rational moments address things that myself and many people I know are thinking about. If you're ever bored, Philosophize This is an amazing podcast that changed my way of processing things, even better... its free ☺

  • I think the answer is political correctness wasn't born until the 20th century. But what are orange Irish?

    • he color orange is associated with Northern Irish Protestants because of William of Orange (William III), the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland who in 1690 defeated the deposed King James II, a Roman Catholic, in the fateful Battle of the Boyne near Dublin.
      Basically, I'm the Kind descended from the Protestant Irish that the Catholics weren't very fond of. On the catholic holiday st patricks day, the color orange might get you harrassed or beat up by drunks in boston.
      (Funnily enough I'm actually baptized catholic as my moms family is Sicilian American)

  • Im not a Trump Voter. But whats the difference between the democratic/progressive party and Hitler and the Nazi socialist party?
    Nothing. People are looking at what they see as a cartooned threat and not the actual threat which is anything coming from the left.


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  • Great take - I don't believe that all Trump supporters are racist but he attracts elements who make no effort to hide their racism and it stirs latent racism in others with outrageous things he says. The poor fact checkers nearly have a stroke when he speaks.

    • Not a take,
      This time its a question.
      Could have been a take but I didn't have enough energy

    • You should have thrown it in as a take - I have seen shorter takes than that - It could have got promoted (50 pts) and it is click bait might have got featured (150 pts)

  • One was made to promote an idea the other was made to defame an individual.