Girls, Why has nature made women better and superior in terms of looks, body and sex appeal and aesthetics?

Is it so in every species as well that the female gender is better superior and more sexually and aesthetically appealing than the male?
Nature has made men with ugly weird body shape, lack of curves, I don't know why male has been given with lots of facand body hair... the only thing that it all does is make men uglier and ickier. Men go bald on heads with age and then grey body hair as well.

Women on the other hand have sexy voluptuous curves, not much body and facial hairs boobs and their genitals are superior and I don't know how women want to have sex and reproduce with a man

No one else?
Any more answers?


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  • Yes women are more aesthetically appealing, but women who are heterosexual are attracted to men and don't find them repulsive at all.

    • It's all hormones that make women fall for men despite men being uglier and inferior than them in terms of physical appearance?

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    • I did not say "better" lol. I said they're more aesthetically appealing, like male lions and peacocks are. It doesn't mean we're better, it doesn't mean you are all ugly.

      Whatever. I tried lol.

    • Male of other species is aesthetically pleasing but why is male of human ugly :'(
      Mane on male lion is seen as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing... but beards and chest hair in man is creepy :/

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