Why is my sisters friend calling me her brother?

one of my sisters best friends who is really close to the family and who I never really spoke to just started flirting with me like would take my hat, would ask me to fake marry her, if I was watching tv she would stand in front of it and say now u can't see and laugh. When we would be seated together at a family party she was invited too she would say "oh your my date". She would make heart gestures at me with her hands. She then randomly got my number from my sister and started texting me she would always text me first and flirt, we would text almost everyday. She had invited me to her house a couple times and we even went to dinner a few times. when I would be sick and didn't tell her she would say why didn't u tell me so I can tend to ur sickness and things like that. But then on my birthday she would say happy birthday brother! And I'm wondering does she really look at me like her brother or is she just saying that bc she's so close to my family?


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  • She likes you a lot. She is trying to get your attention by doing stupid things like standing in front of the tv. She does not see you as a brother but uses that word in case you don't fancy her and therefore she can say to people, I only ever saw him as a brother.

    • Thank you, helps a lot and makes sense

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