Why I am not happy& satisfied?

I am 28 years old doing job also completed post graduation last year but still not happy the way I am living I am not satisfied always feelings like something is missing not happy with my job it difficult to spend 9 hours even not happy when I reach home it very difficult for me to spend single hours. I living with counting every single day. Really don't know what should I do? Every one is running behind something I don't want to run just want to live peacefully life want to sleep without any worries want to wake up like whole day is waiting for me just want to enjoy my life not suffer.

Why people running blindly? Why we can't live with peace why we fight why we hurt others?


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  • I wrote a my take on how to be happy and less angry. I wish you luck

    • Thanks I will definitely read

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  • I think you are depressed yet functional. Keep ya head up, it works itself out for most.


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