Do guys care if girls go to them for help?

Ok so I have my boyfriend and I came to him because I got help for my cutting and I got out of the place where I was going to for help because the therapy was over and when I got home I felt as if I wanted to cut again and I brought it to my boyfriend because I did not want to start again witch I did but this is when I came to him about it so he could talk about it with me/keep my mind off of actually cutting but he is under a lot of stress from what he is going through witch I'm not gonna say but I don't wanna stress him out anymore but when he gets things worked out and his situation is over should I still ask for his help to keep my mind off of cutting and to talk about it he really is one good person I trust to talk about it with but do guys care if girls do this?


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  • Well now I am experiencing my tenant is not able to pay for rent. I found her last time. She told me her trouble, now I receive two letter from police.
    I am afraid that she did sexual trade, then still has not paied rent now and I write letter to her, she did not answer me. I think she is avoding me again but still live in it and it is shame to say. I can never mind it but I help people on a possible way cause only it She can live normally in the society no matter how the society is terrible. So I may not be able to help her if she is blackhole :(
    like drug, she will lose control on pissing in the end..

  • I think it is okay but wait till he gets his stuff sorted first.


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