Why do some people cry immediately for anything?

I know a female relative that will already start crying if you accidentally step on her feet or if a boyfriend were to say a bad word. I also know a version version of her during my junior high school years. Both are annoying.

Unlike me, if I were to cry that would be enough to silence the whole room. They know me better. It would be either because someone close to me die and I'm in the worst pain ever in my life (ex: if I were giving birth) but nothing for something stupid like an getting into an argument nor someone tapping me.

Basically if it's me crying, that means it's very, very serious and the pain is extremely unbearable.
**I also know a male version of her during my junior high school years.


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  • some people LOVE TO BE victims... it's childish, attention seeking behavior. normal on a 4 year old, disgusting on a grown woman

    • yeah there is such a thing as too much.

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  • first off you don't know why she crying. Maybe the dissicusing is hurt her in a personal way. I cry and I can't breath when someone tells me I am doing something wrong and yelling because it hurts and it has some deep core belief. Anyway, she crying for a personal reason that you will never understand unless you are her. Great you don't cry than be lucky... Girls that cry have a hard time gain self esteem and growing.


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  • Cause it hit them right here *puts hand on chest*

    • Or maybe some people are too dramatic that they just do it for attention? At some point it's annoying, even for a woman.

    • Yeah it's annoying

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  • Drama queens. Or they carry an onion in their purse.

    • True. I can't stand them. I also knew a guy like that when I was in junior high.

  • i cry easily too! but that's because i am really sensitive
    i hate it tho

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