Why is my 2 month old female kitten peeing on my feet?

So I got this 2 month old female kitten from somebody who was giving them away. I believe she is a stray. Anways, when we got her she would hiss and hide. But at night when everyone was asleep she would cry for our other cat. At the time he didn t want anything to do with her. Eventually they got along great. I ve been trying to get her to warm up to me and all she does is hiss and run away. She will come up to me when I feed her but that s about it. So we had her about 2 to 3 weeks and she s gotten really close to my older male cat. Well I would love on him and pick him up because she won t let me do that to her. So I was cooking today and she came up to me and sat on my foot, I thought she just wanted some food. But I noticed that my foot started to get warm and when I looked down she was PEEING !!! Why would she come up and just pee on me? Yes , they got a litter box and etc that they both love using. Does she hate me?


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  • Because she's not fully housetrained yet.


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  • I mean she's still a baby, so it mightve been an accident

    • I doubt it

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    • So I'm confused does she like me or not?

    • Well if you're feeding her I'd say she likes you at least a little, she's probably hisses and runs because she's scared.

      The longer you have her she'll probably warm up to you more

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