Dreading my birthday? Opinions on how can I make it better?

Over the years my birthday has progressively gotten worse and worse. Last year being that everyone forgot it and it was never brought up, even after it had passed. I'm still fairly young, I'll be 19 in about a week. This year however is just pure torture. My bossed scheduled a mandatory meeting after I had already requested the day off, and was denied it. So now I have a 4 hour shift, the meeting, plus a private lesson (I teach sports) my boss just gave to me. So i'm looking at about 7 hours of my day gone. I also have a 20m speech, which isn't horrible, but means I do need to attend class that day. I know nobody will remember my birthday this year, and with all my friends at college I'll most likely be spending it alone. I thought about buying myself something, but with student loans and my phone bill I don't think I can afford it. I honest just want a bottle of wine and to sulk alone on that day, but I don't even have a fake id or someone to hook me up.
If you were me, how would you make this day better? I really don't want another birthday to suck.


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  • Fly out with mama trips are the best

    • what do you mean? haha

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    • Anything over $10 really. hahaha.

    • Oh wow. I guess talk to me then your welcome to come by. You seem upbeat about it all

  • Wear a shirt that says "it's my birthday" across your boobs and then everyone will know

    • Probably would work better if I wasn't flat chested 😂

    • I think it would still work.

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  • First things first... Don't watch 16 candles.
    Hmmm... if it were me... 7 hours gone leaves you a lot so, you whip it into the store and walk in and tell them "this a stick up ladies and gentlemen, if you could put the money in the bag, and as long nobody loses their head, well nobody will lose their head", tip your hat on the way out. Then... blow that money in Vegas... then soak into the hottest bath you can tolerate overflowing with bubbles, and order everything on the menu to be brought to your hotel room for the tasting. Lay your pretty head down and get the best sleep of your life. Wake up, look in the mirror in the morning and tell your 19 yr old self that you rock!😎

    That's what I would do anyway.

    • Made me smile, thanks darling! 😀

    • I'm glad! And I do hope your birthday turns out better than you think it will. Sending good birthday vibes your way!

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