Noone celebrates my birthday what should I do?

Like always no-one say to me happy birthday or anything even when I tell them tomorrow is my birthday and if I do a party no-one comes and I never got a gift in my life


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  • ... Happy birthday in advance or late, I don't know!

    Some people don't have the same perception of birthdays. To some people, it just doesn't matter I guess and it's not to be taken personally. But if they indeed don't care to the point of not going to your parties then I don't see why you should care about what they do or say to you. Better be alone than surrounded by people who are not sincere in their feelings towards you.

    As someone here said, you can still celebrate it on your own and do something special/ different than what you do daily.

    • But I feel bad when I do things alone :(

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    • It's just always makes me wanna cry

    • If you don't feel it then you don't have to do it...

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  • Fuck them bro.. I never got a gift on my birthday too.. As long as you don't forget to celebrate your special day everythings fine..


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  • you need new friends?


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