Why do some fundamentalist Christians have such large families?

When I went to this church which was seemingly overrun by fundamentalists, I was kind of surprised to see so many families had more than two children. This one family had six, another had four. My own family that was fundamentalist (the only one who is like that is my father) has had four kids. Why so many? Not passing judgement, just curious.


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  • They don't use birth control. Like, they believe it's a sign.

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    • Usually yes, but not in this case. You need to understand that most fundamentalist Christians are Protestants who utterly detest the Roman Catholic Church. Thus they would not oppose birth control like the Carholics, because they want to be different. Hence why they make it such a deal that their clerics can marry. The reason why they have so many children is because it is their only source of future adherents. No normal person is going to convert to fundamentalism.

    • Sounds very plausible. I was a fundamentalist only because I was riddled with anxiety. I left it as soon as I was able. Load of nonsense and just sheer aggression

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  • Usually the more fundamentalistic sects of a religion tend to have higher birth rates either because they do not believe in birth control or more importantly because they want to keep the amount of adherents high. Think about it, when a religion is fundamentalistic, it is not going to gain a lot of adherents through conversion. Their only hope is to breed them. See Mormonism, schismatic Catholics, some strands of Islam, and Evangelicals like you say.

    • Sounds plausible. It's interesting to me.

  • They don't believe in a very efficient and life-saving life-ending tool.