Am I able to immigrate to Canada?

I’m a 16 years old boy and going to Canada is my dream, i have relatives there like my uncle and his family, my father is not willing to help me to get there, I’m getting my programing diploma soon, i don’t really have much money, my father is an Iraqi man who came to Persia and married a Persian woman and because of that i don’t have a birth certificate (yup, my dad ruined my life :( ) so i can’t get a job here and i can't go to university and i blame my dad for that…. i can get my Iraqi birth certificate easily if i go to Iraq and request for it because my father is Iraqi (let's hope i don't get killed if i do), my mother is Persian and my father is Arabian so i speak both Arabic and Persian fluently and I’m also fluent in English, I'm sure i can't go to Iraq illegally and do all those stuff alone without my parents, so i have a few questions:

1. Can i send an application to move to Canada as an under age person?

2. Can i send an application even if i don’t have a birth certificate?

3. Can my uncle sponsor me?

4. What are the possible ways to go and stay in Canada forever?

*I'm sure i can


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  • Study engineering or any other technical field, get employed, and have the company sponsor you for a h1b visa

  • I really couldn't say, but I imagine its possible. Look at the can. government website, maybe try to talk to someone there.

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