African Americans do you find a specific comfort in other black people that you don't quite have in non-black people?

/Africans/African Islanders/African Europeans, those who identify as a black person due to your skin color, racial experience, and ethnic background; Do you find yourself feeling an instant, effortless, home like comfort with other black people that you can't seem to find in non-black people who may not relate to you on a certain level? More specifically, when it came to interracial dating, did you ever feel like it felt like a vacation but a black person felt more like home?

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  • I'm so pasty white I'm approaching glow in the dark, so I can't speak for the black population. I do have chronic illness and some invisible disability (I look normal, but have join issues). I feel a different level of comfort and connectivity when at a gathering of only people with my condition. We can relate to each other's struggle, pain and simples joys without needing to explain. We all have very different lives but yet have deep commonality. Struggles that most people will never experience or understand.

    I imagine it can be similar with specific minority groups. They can relate to struggles that I will never face and understand commonality that I won't get.

    The best we can do is really listen to each other and respect another persons hardships and joys.

  • i am an African islander and this question got me confused :/