Submission to Police (Americans)?

A question about how people feel when someone else enacts control over them. Also what do you think your rights are in regards to police.

I've been looking over the police shootings USA (killings).

A consistent theme is people opposing the police, not doing what the police say to do and then escalting with a knife or gun or threat of one... even ones that look like guns but aren't. That looked like the case in Terrence Crutchers case from what I see and read... he appeared to not be mentally sound... car pared in middle of road, confused, resisted arrest and the police viewed him as a threat when he approached his car. He was ordered/asked to do something (go on his knees) and didn't respond... we don't know the facts though yet, just what is reported.

When you are of sound mind:
How do you feel when police order you to do something... like you want to resist and not submit? Why?
Do you feel like you have a right to a discussion and disagree?
What do you feel your rights SHOULD BE with police?

Girl (black) upset about the issue being reported to her parents for an accident. She's 15, runs into a car, then wants to leave the scene. Car was damaged.

young guy (black) and hispanic police officer (female)... he refuses to give her his ID.

black copy body slams white guy who didn't comply

These are just a few examples. The pattern here is... people disagree, they don't comply, the police use escalating force to get what they want. I've never seen a case where the police were talked out of what they were asking for! Have you?

I've been pulled over and confronted... I've always complied. Argue it in court people... we'll all live better lives that way.


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  • I always comply and treat the cop w respect.

    I was in court recently fighting a non witnessed ticket for an accident. And the court liason was speaking to us each one after another some white some black. He was offering us to plea.

    Everyone was respectful except this one girl. The baliff said "the cop said you were not respectful at the scene." he said this matter of factly and non confrontationally.

    She responded with an attitude. Plain and simple. She was the ONLY person to receive points on her liscence.

    I bring this up because she happened to be black. The court liason spoke to everyone the same way... However some could say he was prejudiced because only she got points. However, the only difference and which likely was the reason she hot points is because she picked a fight at court...

    • Great feedback. sometimes if nice to authority you can get a warning. Sometimes nice and get a ticket. Be disrespectful... always get a ticket! The attitude is killing black people... which leands to my next myTake... its all a plan:)

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    • Sens it to me... pls

    • Your profile only allows pms from people you follow...

      I saw the video itself on msnbc. But i googled it and this came up. I did not read this particular article's spin so don't know what author said pr their spin. But this links to video i think

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  • I've been arrested many times. Resisting arrest and then complaining about the consequences is just stupid. Someone can resist arrest if they want. They can run if they want. They might even get away. But they can't complain.

    When they don't cooperate I feel no sympathy for them whatsoever, no matter what happens. Whether or not the cops did something wrong is irrelevant to the fact that they were responsible for their own actions.

    The cop says stop, then stop you fucking idiot. The cop says go, then go you fucking idiot. It's very very simple.

    Oh yea. Throw in a yes sir or yes ma'am at least once. It goes a long way to keeping tension down and keeping your ass alive. Two words are not going to hurt you. Eat your damn pride for two words.

    • In any country in the world, the cop is king if your lawyer isn't present. Obey before talking about constitutional rights. Unless you're a billionaire.
      The grand jury will usually stand by the cop. He's the guy who protects them (the public and the jury members.) Thus he's the " good guy"

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  • I couldn't agree more, even when when I get pulled over for something completely unimportant (its always a light being out, one time it was a taglight... even though I have two and the other was working)!
    No matter what I think about the stop, the officer is just doing his job. It isn't an easy job, and its getting harder. Within the past year, an officer was simply serving a man with court documents and the man turned around and shot him in the head. The job deserves respect and we can't have it both ways... we can't complain that they're doing so much wrong and then get angry when they don't help when we need them. There are bad cops, cops that use excessive force and even harass people that aren't doing anything wrong... but we can't automatically put that judgement on all officers.
    When one does something wrong and is caught, they need to own it and just accept that they did wrong and will have to deal with the consequences. If one has done nothing wrong, but is being approached... go with it, once its over there are legal ways to resolve the injustice. Especially now, with law enforcement being under such scrutiny.

  • The attitude of entitlement is growing rapidly and running rampant in the United States. I live in Houston, I see it at work, I see it in public. It's a real social problem and I believe this is why People are behaving the way they are with authority. Lack of respect. This includes police officers.

    • good point (entitlement), I didn't see that angle, but fits with my view.
      I've seen some black people... a few... (I grew up in 1/2 black school) in early life behave like I see in the videos and get away with it... total disregard for authority. They may have good reason or historical reason, but is causing issues now that it can all be video recorded. I suspect this has all been going on a long time, its just public now.

      Thanks for the comments1

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    • It's making me wonder if we do end up with a Zombie apocolpyse at some point. seriously, what is stopping people from becomming zombies... a few brain cells? A shortage of food, synthetic drugs in the water, viruses... and could humans go that direction?

      Anyways... sweet dreams... lol:)!

    • And the nice obeying zombie people getting their 'get happy drugs' as reward like in Huxley's Brave New World

  • I've always dealt with the cops the same way i was raised to. Yes sir no sir, yes mam no mam, only had a problem one time and that was when i reached for my registration and he saw my pocket knife in the glove box. Guess what? I listened to his instructions and everything was fine.

    • You are wise. Respect for authority, that I think is the key...

    • Dont really respect authority, respect other human lives. They are doing their jobs, and they didn't have to deciede to put their lives on the line, i respect they fact that they are willing to die and leave their loved ones behind because most of them chose to try and save lives. It's the same respect i have for firefighters military and emt's. I was taught to respect them, because my family has them

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  • I get your point about complying but there is still the racial element in it - Would the female officer have fired the shot if the guy was White - I don't believe she was racist but I believe she was spooked maybe at a subconscious level by current events so the whole issue has to be addressed instead of retreating into the trenches of Black or Blue Lives Matter. I absolutely see the flaws in both sides approaches.

    • Thank you for your view. I actually think she would have, but we'll never know, for sure or if she would have reacted more slowly with someone else. As I read the cases (they are on the net), lots of white people being shot for doing similar stupid acts. I do think there are biases and cultural issues and such. I also think there are conditioning, historical, and cultural issues on the black American side in general causing issues.

  • People are even less likely to submit in Europe, in my experience, and yet there's far fewer people killed by police, per capita, than in the US...

    • any idea why? do police just accept it. I can see that in group settings (I've seen protests in germany and such). but when individual, do police back down?

    • The cops almost never pull out their guns. Occasionally they'll use a taser or wrestle someone against the wall/to the ground but you'll never see six cops with drawn weapons yelling (so all it takes to escalate is the dumbest of those six cops to hear or see "something" in that chaos) at a shoplifter or something like that.

      Granted, Europe has less crime and the probability of a suspect having a gun, much less being stupid enough to use it against the cops, is lower, but I think European cops are better trained so they know how to avoid situations that could get out of hand easily and have less of an irrational fear that everyone they arrest is a gun-wielding John Rambo.

  • For everyone's safety's sake, COMPLY.

  • Unless the orders a police officer is giving you are unreasonable or unlawful, what is the point in not complying? To massage your ego? To prove a point? If you could ask any dead man who was shot by the cops if they regret their decision to do whatever it is they did to get shot, do you think they would say, "Oh no, I'm totally glad I did that thing that got my face shot off." Even if it was just something simple? Now I don't think the police should have total authority and if they ask you to do something unreasonable or unlawful then by all means, make an issue of it, but other than that, it's not worth risking your life over.

  • I speed a lot in my Porsche, so get a lot of tickets. I put my hands on the steering wheel, I alert the officer right off that I am carrying a loaded gun and then do what he asks, and stay in the car. Never had an issue. It seems uncomplicated to me.

    • @yourname123 the price of your car tells the cop you'll have a good lawyer.
      That makes a big difference.

    • @jacquesvol and that I prob have enough to lose that I don't want to start a fight with an armed policman. I'll give you that, but can't really justify calling a lawyer to fight a $200 ticket, losing proposition.

    • @YourName123The cop will not forget the speeding ticket and you'll visibly being able to pay it. B just your cars tells him that he'd better not draw a gun on someone who could file a complaint about it.

  • I've been pulled over once. I simply did as the officer asked and was polite. He let me off with a warning and told me to have a nice day. You should always respect and submit to police officers.

  • if we have no right to life-which we do not since every time a policeman/woman murders a citizen, we obviously have NO RIGHTS.

    • All those people feeling 'entitled' to life and dignity annoy people carrying guns.