When was the last time you were "ignored" from complaining, and it wound up to be pretty serious?

If you are a judgmental person, due not answer this question, please and thank you

Back in March, i was given what's called an ileostomy. I suffer from a disease called hirschsprung which basically says that my intestine doesn't talk to my colon correctly because part of my intestine, near the colon, is dead. for 27 years, i didn't know what was going on with my body, and why i couldn't poop normally. i finally found out i had this disease, and as of right now, it's only temporary. it allows me to poop through a hole in my stomach and a red ball sticking out of it, in to a bag. people who have extreme ulcers, and people with chrons disease often opt to have these. ill be going in for surgery to cut out the dead part of my intestine soon.

anyway, while i was in the hopsital, recovering, i couldn't keep down my solid foods for quite a while. i was throwing up, which kept my malnutritioned, so, they gave me what's called a "picc" line. it's basically a long cord like thing that goes straight to the heart, which would then feed me, intravenously. this happened for about a month, until i was finally able to eat solid foods. the picc line though, became infected. on July 4th weekend, i became sick, with a fever of over 102. i still had the picc line in, and when i found out it was infected and was causing the fever, they removed it.

the thing is though, when i was first complaining of being too hot and too cold, my dad ignored me, thinking it was nothing big, that it was just probably a little 24 hour bug i was getting. when we took my temperature, he obviously realized we needed to go to the e. r. and that's where they told us the picc line had been infected

my dad apologized for neglecting it and he promised that the next time i complained about something like that, that he would take it seriously

so, has something like that ever happened to you?


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  • Yes of course but then I had to take matters into my own hands and it came down that I was right! GoI'd luck with your surgery and many prayers to you!


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