Im starting to get depressed by the fact that Im not dating?

So after many years of being ashamed of being a Virgin and never having had a boyfriend im at peace with it and no longer ashamed of it.

But im starting to get depressed by the fact that Im not dating. Especially when I hear about my friends dating abd their sexlife etc. I get attention and I know there are guys that are interested , but I can't seem to find that one guy im interested in and is also interested in me.

Last time I had anything to do with a guy I liked was a year ago, and that only lasted for two weeks. I tried tinder with no luck and now im out of ideas.

Any advice? The few guys I have seen/met until now that i find interesting haven't shown interest in me.


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  • There's no reason to be desperate, you should be content with your single life before you get into a relationship anyway. I'm single, there are times when I'd like to be in a relationship, but I don't have the time right now and I'm working on my career and improving myself first and I know that when I do have the time I'll be a more attractive person for it. Be content where you're at currently, make an effort to go to places where you can meet guys whenever you have the time and trust that you will find someone eventually.

    • Im content with my situation 90% of the time, but im 21 and at uni. This is the time to date and explor abd have fun , right? Im not looking for the one or anything, I just want to date a sweet and cute guy, it really wouldn't be THAT hard to find

    • Well yeah, I'm the exact same. Whenever I have the time, I go out, meet girls.. But I don't really see any relationship material at most of the parties I go to... But I don't really care for the most part, I know that when I have the time to make myself available I will find someone and it really doesn't bother me too much right now. The guy you're after won't be that hard to find, it may just feel that way sometimes, just know that there are multiple guys out there right now, all of which could be exactly who you're looking for.

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  • Simply just stop listening to your friends dating and sex life. It is none of your business especially about how they have sex. That is key number 1. I do not have friends who talk about that garbage, and then when things go sour, they want to dump their baggage on you to clean up. Stay out of it. That is my advice on that. Number 2, always love yourself before you can share that love with somebody else. Being at peace with being a virgin is fine, but its not enough. As a virgin and also never having a relationship as well. I learned as a virgin its not about your hymen, but your mind, body and spirit AS a virgin.

    You have to show that you aren't miserable and is happy on your own. If you can't show that your confident and can handle responsibility, these guys are not going to show interest. Plus sometimes you have to take the initiative, as some guys would like it if the girl made the move first. However it is your choice if you want to pursue somebody or not. But the main thing is, are you even ready to date anybody? Do you know what it takes to maintain a relationship? Do you understand what a relationship is? What it entitles? Are you aware of what kind of relationship you want or is looking for? A regular relationship or a sexual one. Are you prepared to sacrifice your time and energy for this person? Can you even do that? All these questions and more is what you have to figure out before you even decide to become exclusive with somebody.

    • A relationship absolutly takes a lot of time and energy, im aware if that. Im not necessarly looking for a relationship, I just want to take part of the dating process

    • @Asker

      Its a lot harder than you think. I've never even started on anything, but I will tell you to just be aware experience isn't always the best teacher. You either love it or you'll hate it.

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