I need urgent help about a laptop keyboard replacement?

Hello everyone!

So my keyboard doesn't work properly anymore, I spilled a little coffee on it. I went to someone that can fix it and told me that we need to replace to whole keyboard part and showed me this image:

This (picture) is thé keyboard part I need for my laptop, it's an Asus N76 series
My question is if I replaced it with this (picture) will the problem be fixed?

The problem I have now is, when I tap on 't', i get 'gt', when I tap on o, I get 'oµ', etc...
my numbers and other short cuts doesn't work anymore.
I need urgent help about a laptop keyboard replacement?


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  • Let it dry out, the liquid is probably shorting out the pairs of keys.

    If that doesn't work, replacing will probably work, but you can also get a cheap usb keyboard while you're waiting for the part.

    • It didn't work sadly... I really need a replacement,
      the part on the picture, is that only the upper gray part of the laptop or the whole thing, because my brother said that he is not sure if the NVIDIA GEFORCE card and the INTEL CORE ''17 will be in there or is it that you won't even touch those things when replacing it?

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    • Oh okay, becaue the man who is going to help me said that we need something like the picture I added to my question, so that's wrong right? Thanks a lot!

    • Good luck.

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  • ummm..
    I just remember my cat pissed on it.
    The same problem with you.
    But... I forget did I fix it.
    My impression is never good.


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