Do you think anyone can learn to dance? even people who can barly follow a bet?

. I love music and its pretty rare for anyone to not see me with headphones on my head. Every now and then a song play's that makes me wanna dance but i can't and have no beat. i know known it shouldn't matter just dance lol. But am the typle that has to do things the right way if am gonna do it plus dance is a art so i would love to learn. I known this has nothing to do with the matter but am black so people qlways think i can dance which is far from true. Think of me as a white girl who drunk trying to dance lol or anyone for that matter who's drunk.. its just a mess lol.


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  • No, I don't think so.
    Some people simply can't learn how to dance. They weren't made for it.

    • Guest that me i meber tried since i known i can't. . only dance im dancing video games

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    • I'm glad you think so. :)

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  • Nope.
    They can move, but without rhythm it will always fall flat and it will always look stiff and off, or goofy and off.


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