How are Brown labs dogs like?

I mean, I went to the pet store and fell in love with a dog named Snicker. I stayed for a long time and I couldn't leave him. I want to try and adopt him i just hope their not loud or trouble maker bc i live in a 2 bed room apartment with my mother along with a smaller dog.


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  • Labs get very big in size so you need to do a double take before you adopt one.
    They love people and are good with children but you would need to let them grow up as a puppy like you said.

    • Wouldn't be better if they were adopted as a puppy? Because their more cable of learning than when their older.

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    • I don't know what to think anymore. I may have to apply for better housing some place
      things here are rough i don't know what to think anymore. It's very unfair for someone to
      move with cousins who don't treat you fair. I pay my share fair for living here and i get $755.00 a month in disability ( SSI Income) .

    • Thank you for Most Helpful Guy :D

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  • Labs aren't the best choice for an apartment. Especially when they're young, they're very active and require space to run and exercise. If you don't give him proper exercise, he'll get bored and become destructive, and then your mom will make you give him away, which will break his heart and possibly lead to his death, depending on where you surrender him.

    I work at the humane society. Too many people fall in love with a puppy's appearance but are taken off guard when the puppy grows up and requires real time, care, and training. Just wait until you're ready for an animal and then do your research and find a breed that is suited to your lifestyle.


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  • It depends, labs tend to be bigger dogs and can be crazy if you don't train them and let them know who is boss

    • Training is not the concern for us. We raised my dog beautifully without being too spoiled.

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    • Ok so it'll probably be a decent sized dog

    • Might as well wait till i'm in college or out and have my own place.

  • They needs lots of exercise and they won't be loud and obnoxious if you train them right.
    Also get a shelter dogs if possible.

    • I mean these dogs been rescued. Everything is included with he purchase of the dog like rabies shot, neuter shot and vaccine shot and micro chip