Good accounts to follow on Instagram?

I just got Instagram, any interesting accounts I should follow?


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  • I follow the two actors from Supernatural, Jared and Jensen. I generally try to find everyone who's in a show I watch.

    • Me too, although I also follow Misha Collins

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    • I actually want it to keep going. I don't watch many shows so I'd like to keep this. I watch Walking Dead and Doctor Who but those two are on only for a short time.

    • @pakrulz I watch WD as well but I want to see it end as well - the only thing keeping me there is Rick, Daryl and Glenn. I just want to see how those three end. If the show continues on with all three being dead, I'll stop watching. Despite it being popular - there's no denying that at it's core, it's incredibly boring and it stretches out everything it possibly can.

      Haven't watched DH - I've only seen one episode from start to end from it.

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  • What are you into?

    • I like art, music, this sounds odd but I love hair, I also love anything dark.

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  • The sickest feed I've seen in Instagram is a guy named 'Caseymcperry' all of his pictures are connected to each other. If you like animals you can follow PaulNicklen too

  • i generally follow family and friends, but, if im not following family and friends, i follow the wwe and tna wrestlers. i know most won't follow back, buttt, i do it anyway


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