Are Americans really proud of their soldiers?

I mean, they mostly fight wars for big companies profit and they are not even that successfull.

It would be better if those people stayed home and made their country rise by work than to lose their lives for oil companies.

Wow, nice replies. I aggree with some parts of them (ieg they are here to protect you), but what kind of freedom does war in iraq or afghanistan bring to you?


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  • Yes I am. Because whatever the reason they have signed up to put their lives between mine and danger if the time comes. They have made the choice to live in hell while I sleep comfortably from my bed. They have made the choice to sacrifice their freedoms so that I can have mine. They have made the choice to go fight whatever war so that I can stay here and work, be a mother, be a wife. They often times come back incomplete physically and mentally while I get out of bed every morning fortunately with a sound mind and on two legs. So yes. I am very proud of them.


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  • I think many Americans separate the service of vets from the actual reasons for conflict - You can admire the vets and not agree with the politicians

    • Is army service in US compulsory or do you join it on free will?

    • I don't know I am Irish but I have a feeling it isn't only during war time like Vietnam.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Soldiers fight for our freedom and put their lives on the line everyday. Without the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces this country would be in much worse shape than it is today believe it or not. I for one am very proud of our soldiers , sailors, and airmen.

  • The American military is one of the most powerful in the world, so it's probably better than whatever shitty ass excuse of military your country claims to have

    • Das nice, but I haven't been talking about strength. You should grow up and learn that "my dad is stronger than yours" is not good way to debate.

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    • We lost Vietnam because we lost public support and France pulled out. The issue with Syria is we know what the issue is. We know ISIS is the issue, not Russia. No point in having unnecessary conflict with Russia when we're both doing the same thing. Control in Afghanistan is weak bc we shifter our focus to a bigger threat in the middle East, and our work there is pretty much done.

    • I support my military because they risk their lives defending American values. I do not agree with the invasion of Iraq, but that wasn't the military's doing, that was the government's doing