What should ı do?

I'm sick and weather is cold.
But I must go for buy the my English books
And I must go to Gym.
And ı must to do homework.

What do you think, I should do?

(sorry my English 😊)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Stay home and Rest here, dear. You Are... Sick.
    If you Do any of the Above, you Could end up with the Flu.
    Postpone everything until you are Feeling better. It's not Worth getting Worse.
    Good luck and Hope you are Up and at it soon. xx


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  • Rest. Do only that which is absolutely necessary. Look after yourself. Don't even consider the gym if you're actually sick (duh).


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  • Have a hot coffee or tea I don't know and do your homework you'll go to the gym and buy your books tomorrow

    • Books tomorrow need

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    • Because İstersen yak, savur, dağıt, beni yarala
Al bütün varım yoğum senindir.. Anw just asking haha

    • Hahh evet
      Yes 😄

  • Ask if somebody else can help you out and buy the books for you.
    Skip the gym on this occasion.
    Do as much of your homework as you can.
    Rest and hopefully get better.


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