Is it normal to go through a post-University depression?

I think that's what I'm going through.


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    • What's this here?

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    • I feel as though... some part of my life is over, a part of my life I know I'll never ever get back.

      I can't describe it.

    • Yeah I know, The movie seem to be the first team coming out on the movie. So the dont know
      what happen,
      then Japanese drama.. then found everyone in reality.
      Then built a wall to pretend to be good untill falling down.

  • Yes that seems reasonable to me - It is a major life change

  • been there done that get to the gym and work out 4 to 5 days a week. That's how I beat it

    • I feel reclusive.

      I feel annoyed my marks aren't better not for a job purpose but because I used to be such a good little girl studying etc. and now I'm..

      I feel sad. I feel mad. I feel like I don't want to talk to anyone because it's not like I had any real friends there anyways.

      I won't leave the house. I'll just stay in and apply for jobs and just... I don't know.

      It's really weird

    • trust me I know I had a girlfriend of 7 years break up with me after 6 months of graduating uni. old friends I had for years we're kind of jealous and treating me negatively and the friends that are doing really well for themselves didn't really care. I remembered all I wanted to do is just make it through. not realizing why I started. came back to my home town and it all came back why I wanted to go. uni hard because it's a constant shit test. but I a weird way it pays for its self

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