Would a guy not respect a girl who was doing badly in her classes?

He was my 'tutor' except he wasn't a good one.

I remember calling him on the day of my exam to tutor me, obviously if he's even remotely smart he'll realize I totally 'winged it.'

I feel so embarrassed when I see him because he's like in an advanced program and he's good at school. Sometimes he'll just stare at me wide-eyed when I'm upset (at this dance) it's so annoying.

I feel like he might like me but he doesn't respect me, how could he.


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  • You have boobs. You have butt. You have a coochie. He likes you. Enough said.

    • I don't think my question was (at all ) about whether he likes me. My question was whether he respects me. Nothing in your post makes it seem like he does, which makes me question whether he in fact, may not.

      I don't like boys who like women just because they're attractive or beautiful. A woman is a person, just like that guy and it's totally okay for him to not like her if he thinks she's not of his level or something but it is not okay for him to either disrespect her, or like her while secretly thinking negative things about her at the same time.

    • K good hunting then lol

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  • Why do you think he doesn't respect you, because of marks

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