Would you let a guy put on your pantyhose for you or is it so sacred that you have to put them on yourselves?


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  • I don't even have any pantyhose so if a guy bought some for me he would be free to wear them.

    • I meant would you let him put them on you or is it your body "sacred" that you rather put them on yourself

    • He can put on whatever the hell he wants as long as he buys me new ones when they rip on him.

    • He would not be wearing them, you are. So you feel comfortable letting a guy friend whose not your significant other touch you?

  • they aren't sacred but it would be a hassle to have someone else do it

    • I don't think so. I think it would be an honor for a guy to help a friend in need.

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    • Would you date a guy who has this fetish or do you feel that he seek professional help before it gets out of control?

    • neither... To each their own but it isn't my thing

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