Tips from people that live in newyork?


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  • 1. Bridges and tunnels are expensive. Get an E-ZPass.
    2. Take the 7-train to get to the Mets games.
    3. The secret to the pizza is the water.
    4. Harlem starts at 125th Street.
    5. Get to the Statue of Liberty as early in the day as possible.
    6. Forget The Empire State Building; 30 Rock is much better.
    7. New Yorkers don't put mustard on hamburgers. You have to go north of the Mustard Line upstate to get mustard and ketchup on a hamburger.
    8. New Jersey - simply called "Jersey" - sucks. This is why The Statue of Liberty's ass faces New Jersey.
    9. While both Queens and Brooklyn are on physical Long Island, "Long Island" is just Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
    10. It's pronounced "cawfee".


      11. This may be the most important tip... If you are going to drive to Manhattan, park at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and just pay about $32 for the day. It's the only place that I know of in Manhattan where you can park in an actual public parking lot and I believe have 24 hour access. Furthermore, you can get on every subway train from there. Google "Port Authority Parking Garage" and you will see that many people agree with this tip.

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  • I used to live in NYC but what do u need tips on?

    • Anything that would have been helpful for you when you got there

    • Well if you're gonna be there for a short time taxis are the best choice. Tighter budgets do buses then, the metro system is very hard for someone to learn immediately. If you have some time I do suggest learning the metro system as it is the best. The best views are from the top of the rock not Empire State. If you park somewhere and it says street cleaning at some time move your cars, no one moves their cars. the met is amazing. Harlem isn't a bad place anymore it's actually pretty safe. The best thing of NYC is the food and shopping think about that. The lower east side has some pretty cheap hotels if you're staying in one. That's some general stuff I guess.

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  • The rats are more afraid of you than you are of them.

  • Don't go to some regions at night.

    Also, would you like to help me on my question?

  • dont go to the redhook section of brooklyn, alone.

    im not from new york, and even i know how dangerous that is

    • What are you talking about Brooklyn is more expensive than the Upper East Side now. New York is one of the safest cities in America. Tribeca is my favorite part of Manhattan , then Chelsea and the Village is dope. Times Square and Mid Town in general is super crowded and overrated in my opinion.

    • im just sayin'

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