Is it ok to keep my pregnancy to myself until I figure out what to do with it?

I hate my husband so much because i don't have a choice in anything and i do everything by force, this is another story and i don't want to talk about it but my question is. Should i say something about my pregnancy to anyone? I'm planning to to keep it to myself until i figure out what to do with it. I'm planning for filling for a divorce and i don't him to know about it because i will stuck with him god knows for how long.

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  • I think it's okay, you're not saying you're going to keep it a secret forever just until you've decided what to do. It could be better for you anyway

  • Your body. Your decision

    • Actually if she has the baby, and he finds out, he can go fight for custody.

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    • You understand that 99% is extremely good, it is very hard to get pregnant using it right. Also if you also use condoms, it makes it basically impossible to get pregnant.

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