What would be worse, a loved one is found dead or they're missing for years?

If it had to come to bad news, what would be worse to deal with?

- After a while (anything ranging from days to years) the police knock on your door and tell you he/she has been found dead. You got your answer but it was the worst news ever.

- They are still missing for years and you want answers but you never get to find out what happened, whether they can still be alive, etc.

  • Your loved one was found dead
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  • Your loved one has been missing for endless years
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Missing for years. I don't like that uncertainty. I can either believe they are dead and grief as normal or have a false hope for years only to find out they were
    dead. If they alive tho they bout to get that ass beat for making me feel like that. media.tenor.co/.../tenor.gif


Most Helpful Girl

  • If they're missing for the rest of my life that would be worse because it'd bring me nonstop anxiety, anger and frustration. Besides that, finding out they're dead would shatter my world.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Found dead. There is on coming back from that. If they are missing you have some hope they are found alive.


What Girls Said 2

  • I'd rather have an answer than be uncertain the rest of my life.

  • Both would kill me, but I think B.

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