I've been extremely angry lately... help?

So I've been wanting a dog for many years now, and unfortunately my parents never got me one.
I am currently a college student and have recently moved into an apartment and I decided that now was the time to purchase a dog.
I did some research and I found a great breeder in March/April of this year. She had a ton of great feedback and nothing but positive reviews on Yelp and I think she's a great business woman.
She and her husband have been breeders for 20-30 years and we have been speaking on the phone and negotiating over the course of many weeks. I signed their contract in mid-late April and submitted the deposit.
I started working a summer job from June-September of this year to pay for the dog's expenses and have been submitting payments every payday. Around early July the breeder brought me a picture of one of her puppies and asked me if I wanted him, and if so, to contact her immediately. I fell in love with the puppy immediately and felt a very strong connection with him. I spoke about it with one of my best friends and asked for his advice and ultimately decided to say yes. She was extremely happy and told me that she had a lot of trouble finding him a forever home and was ecstatic that I said yes and even gave me a discount.
He was scheduled to come on the 23rd of this month and I was extremely happy.
I spoke to the breeder on Wed the 21st to check up on the dog and she said that he was ok.. next morning she calls and tells me that he was refusing to eat and refusing to stand and she was taking him to the vet. I start to panic and she said that he wasn't going to die but she was taking him to the vet... later that night she called again and told me that he was diagnosed with liver shunt and his body was too frail for an operation and that I could either get a refund or choose another dog... I was devastated. Next morning she calls and told me he died and gave a refund...
I've been devastated by this loss and extremely angry and need help please?


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  • Tragic story but at least it wasn't after 5 years of being together


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  • Anger and frustration, as well as grief, are normal when losing a pet. Allow yourself to feel the way you feel, process your emotions, and spend time with people you care about. The feelings won't pass right away, but they will ease in time. I am very sorry about you losing your puppy.