Why are Sierra Leoneans so much more naturally intelligent than anyone else?

Hear me out. True, Sierra Leone's average IQ is only 91, which isn't that impressive at all. But what no-one seems to take into account is the massive impact which education has on one's intelligence. We know from several independently verified tests that IQ is increased by roughly 2pts per year of schooling, and potentially by far more at higher standards of education (such as those available across most of Europe, North America and the Far East)- and we also know that receiving a formal education can accelerate the rate of cognitive development by as much as a third. Now, bearing that in mind, let's compare the map and figures for the world's IQ levels- https://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=36156 - with the map and figures for the levels of financial investment in education across the world- https://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=19203.

Taking into account all that we know about how profoundly education and the quality of it affects IQ levels, we surprisingly find that White Europeans actually have the some of the lowest levels of natural intelligence of any people on earth. When one removes the IQ increase provided by the duration and standards of the average Norwegian's formal education, their natural IQ would stand at a mere 48. That of the average US of American would stand at a pitiful 47, while South Korea's would be roughly 49; the lowest in the world, that of St Lucia, would be a meagre 42.

Most other countries' natural IQ's sit at around this same level once the IQ increase provided by varying lengths and levels of education is removed from the equation. But there's one massive outlier right at the top, with the highest natural IQ in the world by a 20pt margin- Sierra Leone's is a whopping 85, in spite of Sierra Leone being among the most malnourished nations on earth, and having the lowest life expectancy in the world. Why do you think this is? Is it survival of the fittest, racial supremacy, or something else?


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  • My wife is from Sierra Leone, and I think your observation is probably well-founded. She was a single-parent mother and buth her children not only excelled in sports, but also achieved Masters Degrees. Additionally, I'm well integrated into the local Sierra Leone community, and am highly impressed by the higher education achievements of the great majority of these people. Must be something in the water!


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  • If this is indeed fact then I am curious to learn the answer myself. My ex is half Sierra Leonian and half Nigerian. Unfortunately she wasn't blessed with the high average IQ gene though.

  • When your in a poor country an education is what stand be tween you and death.

    • But that's the point. They're barely educated at all- the average Sierra Leonean only has a total of 3 years of education, and almost half don't get any education. Each child in Sierra Leone only gets a grand total of $33 worth of education. And yet, even in spite of that, they have an average IQ only one point lower than those of Ireland and Greece- if they were educated to the same standards as the average American, the predicted rise in their IQ would take the average IQ of Sierra Leone to an astonishing 136. And that's without taking into account the impact nutrition's supposed to have on IQ, with the kind of malnutrition rife in Sierra Leone known to diminish one's IQ by 12 points or more.

    • That because they can't walk to a store like you or me. You have to learn the be self sufficient out there. School won't teach you
      1. How to survive in woods
      2. How to farm
      3. How to build houses
      etc... Those skills are nessary survival things. Things you wouldn't need to learn in a 1st world country.