What do you think about Turkish Transformer?

Turkish company Letvision has created the real-world equivalent of Transformers — minus the sentience.
Called Letrons, these remote-controlled cars transform from a BMW into a functioning robot, according to the company's official website
In its robot form, Letrons can rotate their heads 120 degrees and perform "speech and movement abilities in real time" thanks to camera integration. The Letrons are also able to move their arms, wrists, and individual fingers, but not the legs — Letvision notes that functionality could be added if "reasonable funding is provided for a new research and development project," though.

As an automobile, Letrons offer a functional steering wheel as well as front and rear security sensors. However, each car's remote control functionality prohibits it from being driven in traffic. As Letvision notes, that may change in the near future since the product already includes an electric engine.
There are currently four different models of the robot car: Bizmut (blue/red, much like Optimus Prime), Argon (white/blue), W0lfram (orange/grey), and Tantal (grey/black), with more models coming "in the near future."
While Letrons are for sale, don't expect to purchase one as a collector's item. Letvision will only sell to a buyer whose "project and their reasons for use" meet the company's undefined criteria.

  • Let's hope Turks didn't create artificial intelligence for that robot , oterwise They would start to ask what we think of Turkish transformers after serial production.😄
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  • Oh I'll buy one :)
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  • I'll fund the company !
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  • What do they create it for?
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Oh no! There is only one opinion on my question. Hey, it is the most interesting topic i seen today 😄. I gotta go to sleep , i'll check the result as soon as i wake up 😄


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  • It's pretty cool, but also seems quite useless. I mean, what could you do with them? XD
    I guess they'd make good movie props, but...

  • That's pretty wild! No more door dings to worry about parking your Bimmer.

  • Turks did good job, respect +1

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