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Which of these candidates are you voting for?

  • Giant Douche
  • Turd Sandwich
  • Gary Johnson
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  • Not American, but i dont know how any person could vote for Hillary. Everything she said sounds like bs and lies to me, just to get votes. She is just good at talking, thats it. I bet she won't do anything she talked about if she ends up winning

    • That goes for pretty much any American politician. democrats and republicans there's really no difference. And they will do anything to keep 3rd parties to join the debates

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    • What about gary johnson? You probably only heard about the goofs he's had. But he deserves to be on the debate stage with the trump and clinton

    • Ahah no. I actually always been interested in those things, so i know who Gary Johnson is. And i agree, he would probably be the best choice between those 3, shame he couldnt be a part of these debates

  • I would vote for Trump if I was American.

  • Which one of them is O'Trumpghan?

    • If i had to choose he would be the giant douche

    • OK. I'm voting Giant Douche then. Want the comic relief every night at 6pm

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