Is this a good idea and would it be hard to do?

So I recently went to a animal shelter to adopt a dog and the living conditions where horrible. The animals had barely any room and only got to be outside for around a hour a day. The people who work there said that pounds have worse living conditions, if that's ture then that's pretty sad. I had an idea of starting a farm/animal shelter where dogs and cats can have room to themselves and be able to be outside and be in fresh air. I'd also allow people to adopt animals for free if they can prove they'd give the animal a loving home. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not and would love some feedback. Also would it be hard to start something like that on a legal standpoint?


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  • It's a brilliant idea! My dad wants to do the exact same thing; also on a farm, so that they have enough freedom & space to themselves. It's very sad. I saw a picture on Facebook of a black lab laying in a corner, & it refuses to face people, it keeps its head tucked away, facing the wall. It lies in its own urine.

    The dog thought its owners were going to take it to the vet, but ended up taking it to a shelter, never to return again. It's cruel - if people aren't fit to be dog/cat owners, they shouldn't get them in the first place. Dogs have minds like 3-5 year-old children. The more they associate with human beings, the more intelligent & human-like they become.

    • I know. That's why i really want a place that's all about the dogs. I saw a three legged German Shepherd get put down because no one wanted him... That's so messed up. I want to make it a place where pounds and animal shelters can send animals that normally will be put down so they can still live a happy life even of no one wants to adopt them.

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    • Also my plan is to have a working farm as well as it bring a shelter to make it independent financially by selling dairy products, back goods, vegetables, etc. That way no one can come in and say we have to do stuff. I want it to be all about the animals and that's not what the government or private investors and companies care about.

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  • They always met financial difficulty, You should think about fundraising first.

    • I've been looking into that. Just wanted to make sure it's a good idea. I'd rather not spend my time and money on a idea that will never happen.

    • I never think fundraising is good idea, The best way is that let it be in economical cycle.
      It is like greenpeace want money at each country. They never think about catch fishes, It is just under their feet. They even encouraged young helping them, Those young earn money from it.
      They should take the money from government tax or think about tax system to work out.

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  • Would be a lot of work but I think it's a great and noble idea. I love animals, it's beautiful that you care about them and want to help them so much :)

    • I don't mind hard work. My biggest concern with it is money, and laws against it. I love animals and have always wanted to get a job helping them live better lives.

    • So maybe go to a lawyer and ask him, then you'll know everything and you can decide. I think so. That's great.

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