Has anyone made a YouTube Channel that makes money?

I have one channel, i made 0.03 pence so far. I just produced a video of me folding socks with some house music. I have 1 subscriber

what are your stats?


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  • Lmao im curious to

    • what channel do you intend on making. I never expected to make anything lol.

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    • I have really coold videos. It's growing. One is me folding socks. one is me squsihing snails after it rains under my feet. One is me eating with substep and camera pans. I'm full of ideas. The pennies are coming in

    • don't spend a few months thinking about it or you'll never get back to it.

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  • nope, i think youtube is too saturated with channels, the competition is too high. there are other easier ways of making money than youtube.


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  • I played piano but I sent it first to see is it true before. They said lack content lol.
    Just for fun.
    I know mo vlog they got money but I think they sell his sister and his mother lol.

  • You'll be pewdiepie status in no time.

    • I filmed my food being eaten also with some camera pans. I call my channel life skills

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